BRCA Registry

Welcome! The BRCA Registry is being developed as a means of providing researchers with the tools they need to conduct studies that will lead to better treatment and preventative options for those with BRCA mutations.

To either join the BRCA Registry or take advantage of the Family Testing Program, please click here:

By joining the registry, you are agreeing to be contacted by the BRCA Foundation about research studies for which you may be eligible. You can expect to receive occasional newsletters with special announcements about research studies seeking participants. Your participation in vital studies will foster research and help propel new discoveries.

Family Testing Program

If an individual has a BRCA mutation, there is a 50% chance that each of her/his first-degree relatives also has the same mutation. To increase access to this important information, the BRCA Foundation and Color Genomics have partnered on the Family Testing Program, which offers genetic testing for parents, siblings, and adult children of people with genetic mutations at a greatly reduced cost of $50.

We know it is possible. We know that cutting-edge scientific research being done today will bring about the therapies, cures and preventative treatments that will save the lives – and improve the quality of life – of millions of BRCA-positive individuals tomorrow.